Uta’s Favourite Papers

Booth R, Happé F. (2010).  “Hunting with a knife and … fork”: examining central coherence in autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and typical development with a linguistic task. J Exp Child Psychol. 2010 Dec;107(4):377-93. Epub 2010 Jul 23.

Sam J. Gilbert, Julia D.I. Meuwese, Karren J. Towgood, Christopher D. Frith, and Paul W. Burgess. (2009). Abnormal functional specialization within medial prefrontal cortex in high-functioning autism: a multi-voxel similarity analysis. Brain (2009) 132(4): 869-878 first published online January 27, 2009 doi:10.1093/brain/awn365

Atsushi Senju, Victoria Southgate, Sarah White, and Uta Frith. (2009). Mindblind Eyes: An Absence of Spontaneous Theory of Mind in Asperger Syndrome. Science. 14 August 2009: 325 (5942), 883-885. Published online 16 July 2009 [DOI:10.1126/science.1176170]

About Uta

I have been doing research on autism since my student days way back in the 1960s and am still utterly fascinated by autism. There are so many open questions and I feel privileged to discuss them with the new generation of researchers. I am also very keen to hear from the autism community about their perspective on the research, and particularly the parents and the teachers. For my books and papers see my website.
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