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Past events:

27 August 2010:  The first organization meeting with Uta Frith

3 December 2010:  Discussion of Shaun Gallagher‘s  Understanding interpersonal problems in autism: interaction theory as an alternative to theory of mind. Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology. (2004). 11 (3):199-217.
Discussants: John Michael (Postdoc. Gnosis Research Center) and Raffaele Rodogno (MindLab and Aarhus University - Philosophy Faculty).

14 January 2011:  Jørgen Scheel Krüger (CFIN), “Basal ganglia and the dopaminergic aspects in autism: Part I”

4 February 2011:  Discussion of Philip Gerrans & Valerie E. Stone’s Generous or parsimonious cognitive architecture? Cognitive neuroscience and theory of mind. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. (2008). 59 (2):121-141.
Discussants:  John Michael (Postdoc. Gnosis Research Center, DPU) and Raffaele Rodogno (MINDLab and Aarhus University - Philosophy Faculty).

11 February 2011:  Jørgen Scheel Krüger (CFIN), “Basal ganglia and the dopaminergic aspects in autism: Part II”

4 March 2011:  Discussion of Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures Chapter 3.
Discussant:  Raffaele Rodogno (MINDLab and Aarhus University – Philosophy Faculty).

1 April 2011:  Vibeke Bliksted (Clinic for Young People with Schizophrenia (OPUS), Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov). “Tools relevant for the measurement of social cognition in autism.”

6 May 2011:  Psychologist Birgit Drasbæk Søgaard Isene and math teacher Nikolaj Boie from Langagerskolen, “Teaching maths to autistic children.”

23 May 2011:  Dr. Dan Legoff (YALE School and LEGO Therapy), “The importance of play in autism.”

5 August 2011:  Uta Frith (UCL, Interacting Minds), Discussion with parents, researchers, and clinicians about autism spectrum diagnoses.

25 August 2011:  Project discussions with Uta Frith and researchers at CFIN and around Aarhus. Details here.

2 September 2011: Discussion of Bolling et al.’s article “Enhanced Neural Responses to Rule Violation in Children with Autism”. Dev Cogn Neurosci. (2011), 1(3): 280-294. Discussant: Raffaele Rodogno (MINDLab and Aarhus University – Philosophy Faculty).

7 October 2011: “Repetitive Behaviour, once again!”. Discussion of Mink & Mandelbaum’s “Stereotypes and Repetitive Behaviors: Clinical Assessment and Brain Basis”. In: Tuchman R., Rapin I. (Eds.). Autism: A Neurological Disorder of Early Brain Development. International Review of Child Neurology Series. London: Mac Keith Press, 2006: 68-78.Discussant: Raffaele Rodogno (MINDLab and Aarhus University – Philosophy Faculty).

8 October 2011: Landsforeningen Autisme Kredsforening Østjylland celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary with a research conference from 9:30-17:00 at the Lake Auditoriums (Søauditoriet) at Aarhus University. Contact Marianne Banner at if you would like to present your research, and everyone is welcome to attend.

4 November 2011: Psychologist Rikke Steensgaard (Hinnerup Kollegiet), “Thoughts on good/future interventions” (with comments on how they could be transformed into a ph.d. project).

2 December 2011: Aage Sinkbæk and Thomas Ramsing (Landsforeningen Autisme), “What makes people with ASD commit crimes?”

6 January 2012: Psychologist Mette Elmose Eriksen, “Selfawarenes and the ability to judge one’s own performance on a memory test”.

3 February 2012: Psychologist Lennart Pedersen, research director and specialist in child neuropsychology, Center for Autisme. Title: “Tilpasningsmæssige færdigheder og autisme. Hvorledes funktionsbegrænsninger må forstås i en multifaktoriel sammenhæng.” (The talk will be in Danish)

14 February 2012: Ingela Visuri, from Södertörn University, Sweden, will give a talk on her upcoming PhD project on Asperger’s syndrome, religion and spirituality.

2 March 2012: Britt Pedersen, “An exploration of self-esteem and assertiveness”, programme with adolescents with autism spectrum conditions.

11 May 2012: Majken Poulsen recently received an Asperger’s diagnosis, and will be talking to us about her experience.

6 July 2012: Adam Farley, Ph.D. student, (Center for Subjectivity Research Copenhagen) will be presenting his Ph.D. project on “Empathy and the lived body in Autism”.

3 August 2012: Professor Uta Frith will give a talk, “What insights can science give about educating autistic children?”

7 September 2012: Alejandra Zaragoza Scherman, Ph.D. Student (Aarhus University, CON AMORE) on ABA Intervention.

29 August 2012: Autism@Aarhus Symposium. See the program here.

4 April 2013. Autism@Aarhus Spring Workshop: Friendship and Autism. Dr Liz Pellicano (Institute of Education, University of London). Respondents: Felix Munch & Raffaele Rodogno.

27 August 2013. Autism@Aarhus 2013 Symposium. Autism Aarhus Symposium 2013.

11 October 2013. Autism@Aarhus Autumn Workshop: Autism and Well-Being. Speakears: Richard Ashcroft (Queen Mary, London); Eva Billstedt (Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre; Gothenburg) Ingrid Robeyns (Erasmus, Rotterdam); Raffaele Rodogno (Aarhus University) & a panel of young autistic adults. See programme and location here.

25 June 2014. Autism@Aarhus Spring Workshop: Autism and Sociality. Johanna Seibt (Aarhus Universitet), Mette Elmose (Syddansk Universitet), Cathriona Cantio (Syddansk Universitet), Felix Munch, Camilla Fjelsted. See programme and location here.

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